Women's Tattoos And Where To Find The Best Designs

Published: 29th April 2008
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Tattoo ideas for women

Women's tattoo designs are a great way to express your personality and individuality .With so many women getting tattoos these days the choice for cute tattoo ideas for women has grown tremendously. From full color fairies to simple one color Celtic designs or Chinese symbols the choice of tattoo designs for women nowadays is truly limitless.

Womens Tattoo Placement options

One thing that can make tattoo designs really look their best is placement.There are plenty of places on the female body that are crying out for beautiful tattoo designs to be placed there.

On the natural curve of the hip for instance. Many women who have their tattoo curve over their waist and down to their thigh, creating a design that works with their body.

The popularity of the lower back tattoo

Lower back tattoos for women are indeed popular and have been seen on many celebrity women. They can stretch across the full width of the lower back or just be a small design on one side. They certainly accentuate the bikini come summertime.

Small and discreet tattoo ideas for women

If you're looking for something especially cute and less obvious how about a tattoo on your ankle or foot. This is one place to get a womans tattoo design that doesn't stand out immediately and can have a delicate subtle whimsical look.

Is a tattoo right for you

There are many reasons a woman might want to get a tattoo. Remembering a loved one, a travel destination, a sign of strength from overcoming some hardship or just for the plain love of the art of tattooing.

The social stigma has definitely lessened over the last decade and even if you might suffer professionally if your tattoo was on show you can always find a private spot to have a cute tattoo just for you and invited guests only.

A tattoo is for life so choose wisely

Make sure you have picked the absolute best tattoo design for you and then make sure you pick a talented artist to do the tattoo for you.

You may well find that your first tattoo is not your last.

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